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Goa was first to taste chillies in India. Before 1498, Indians consumed Black pepper which wasn't much spicy and difficult to grow , but chillies were spicy, easy to grow and in a century chillies replaced black pepper.
Famous chillies are:
  1. Kashmiri Chilly : This isn't much spicy.
  2. Mizoram Chilly: Very spicy
  3. Manipuri Chilly: extremely spicy
  4. Karnataka Chilly: lil spicier than Kashmiri chilly.
  5. Amravati Chilly : Spicier than Manipuri chilly.
Chilly plantation and its consumption can be traced back to Mexico as old as 7000 BC.

Currently India is world's largest chilly exporter followed by China, Peru, Thailand and Pakistan .