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India is one of the world's largest producers of rice, including  white rice and brown rice, grown mostly in the eastern and southern  parts of the country.

The Production increased from 53.6 million tons in FY 1980 to 74.6  million tons in year 1990, a 39 percent increase over the decade. By  year 1992, rice production had reached 181.9 kg per person, second in  the world only to China with its 182 kg.

 Since 1950 the increase has been more than 350 percent. Most of this  increase was the result of an increase in yields; the number of hectares  did not increase during this period. Yields increased from 1,336  kilograms per hectare in FY 1980 to 1,751 kilograms per hectare in FY  1990. The per-hectare yield increased more than 262 percent between 1950  and 1992.